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The acronyms IRS and ISS stands for
IRS - Inter-disciplinary Research Studies
ISS - Investigative Skills in Science

Both are assessed differently in this module under different subjects:
(a) Science
     1. ISS project - 20% of overall science scores. ISS is scored based on 100 marks:
                  a. Research Proposals - 20 marks 
                  b. Research Report - 40 marks 
                  c. Research Presentations (Posters / Videos / Blog / Log Book) - 30 marks 
                  d. Peer Appraisals / Individual Contributions - 10 marks  
     2. ISS exam - 10% of overall science scores
     3. No remarks will be given

(b) Inter-disciplinary Research Studies
      1. All students must achieve 50% of the ISS project score as promotional criteria for Sec 2
      2. Remarks will be provided
      3. Band grades (Accomplished, Competent, Developing, Needs Improvement) will be given for
                  a. Research Proposals
                  b. Research Report
                  c. Research Presentations (Posters / Videos / Blog)
                  d. Peer Appraisals / Individual Contributions
                  e. Insights and Reflection

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