L18 Drawing Conclusions

9. Drawing Conclusions
• Draw conclusions that are consistent with observations
• Accept or reject hypothesis based on experimental results
• Suggest future extension of research project
• Suggest possible application of research work

Introduction (5 mins)
+ Introduce students to the Discussion paragraphs and ask students to determine what are the characteristics.
Use the website
as a guide for the students.

Development (40 mins)
+ Direct students to the rubrics for assessment for Discussion and show students the various ways of interpreting the results including accepting or rejecting the hypothesis
+ Students refer to their own data and draw conclusions based on them. The conclusions should be keyed into their Blog site.
+ Students will draw conclusions based on their literature review including citing references and writing Bibliography.

Conclusion (5 mins)

+ Remind students to consolidate their documents and learning to prepare for the next lesson, where they will be preparing their Google Science Report.

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