L9 Experimental Prep

Strategies employed (including classroom differentiation)

1.Connect (Hook and Hold) (5 mins)
+ Bring samples of log book to class to show the students how great log books are done.

2.Acquire and Make meaning (Receive Knowledge and skills, and understanding learning outcomes) (40 mins)

Log Book
+ Ask each team to purchase a Log Book from the bookshop at the beginning of the class.
+ Distribute the content page for the Log Book to the students. The content page includes the Lab Safety regulations, Gantt Chart, GPP, Lab request form, and the daily events from Lesson 10 onwards.
+ Remind them to keep the Log Book updated.
+ References can be found here:

Lab equipment requisition form
+ Remind the students to make sure that they submit the lab request form as soon as possible to the Lab staff before the next lesson.
+ Issue 1 x Lab request form to the students
+ Students are to tick the required items in the form and other small items that the Laboratory Staff may have.

Familiarize with lab SOP for projects
+ Bring the students to the Research Lab (Wet Lab) or Engineering Lab (Dry Lab) for their future lessons.
+ They will be able to visit the lab outside the normal school hours as well to prepare for the research. 
+ The lab safety rules applies and students are NOT allowed to violate them. Serious disciplinary actions will be taken against them.
+ Students are allocated their space in the lab.
+ Dismiss the students from the labs.

3.Transfer (Formative checks, reflections, etc.) (5 mins)
+ Teacher to visually inspect that the log book, the content page and the equipment request form are completed.

In case you loose the forms, here is the link: http://1drv.ms/1oIEJXC

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